Rosh Hashanah Resolutions

L'Shanah Tovah!

by Austin Robinson

R001: Vegetarian.

R002: Language.

R003: MacBook.

R004: Publish.

R005: Scholarship.

R006: Volunteer.

R007: Social Media.

R008: Canada.

R009: Health Plan.

R010: Education.

R011: Budget.

R012: Ecosystem.

R013: Comedy.

R014: Date Everyone.

R015: Secret.

R016: Secret.

I'll explain these resolutions, I guess. The first one just means that I want to be vegetarian because meat hurts my insides and also I don't like eating anyway. Language refers to me learning Spanish and French because of my homes of Texas and Canada. I really want a souped-up MacBook. I want to publish, like, 5 books this year because I've been putting that on the back-burner. Same goes for my scholarship endeavors - but this time I want to start a legit Domestic Nonprofit that's primary mission is to act as a scholarship foundation. Probably named after myself. Duh. I need to volunteer more - maybe join Kiwanis and a couple other organizations. I have specific plans and goals for social media, but it'd be boring to talk about that. I want to visit Canada a couple times this year because I'm sad I can't live there currently. Health Plan sounds fancy, but it just means that I'm going to work out, be more orally hygienic, and focus on skincare. IN MODERATION. Education is really a toss-up and idk why I put that there. Maybe I'll learn how to code or something. Now that I have a job and stuff, I'll think about where my money goes. Ecosystem sounds SO mysterious, but I just find it really fun connecting my friends, so I want to compile everyone I know and what they do. Comedy HA-HA; I wanna try standup. I'm going to date all of you and also every guy I see. I've been single for, like, 2 years. So what? Secret by Charli XCX ;) I'm not gonna tell. I guess message me if you have any questions about these resolutions or you want to tell me about yours!

- Austin Robinson