My Duties:

     I supervise the financial portfolios of over 200 clients - that's over $400,000 dollars. I also oversee the company's grants and financials, which equates to over four million dollars. Sometimes I help write grant proposals, but mainly I act as a financial administrator and ensure we are profitable to provide funding to even more small businesses.

     I update and maintain the company's social media accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Likewise, I write and compile content for the company monthly newsletters that gets sent to thousands of individuals subscribed to what goes on in the financial nonprofit world. Finally, I oversee the official company website.

     I communicate extensively with the Federal and State governments to acquire financial funding in order to disperse grants and loans to underprivileged entrepreneurs and small business owners across Oregon and Washington.

     I operate the communications between all of our clients - current and prospective - and the Loan Department. I update the Loan Committee and the Board of Directors appropriately to help them make decisions on whether or not to fund certain businesses.

-Austin Robinson

I got a job!

Job Card designed by Austin Robinson

And I thought you might like to hear about it. After posting my résumé and qualifications on craigslist of all places, Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon (MESO) reached out to me and offered me a position as the Portfolio Administrator on the spot. MESO is a nonprofit that provides financial and educational services to diverse entrepreneurs and underserved small businesses in the states of Oregon and Washington. Another title I hold in the organization is Social Media Manager, but my main duty is to oversee the finances of the entrepreneurs and small businesses that we help, as well as our own. With a degree in Social Entrepreneurship & Nonprofit Management, I feel like this career is a pretty good fit for me. I am incredibly excited and nervous to take my life to Portland, Oregon for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, I will still be publishing for people, creating scholarships, and doing a myriad of projects.

"To improve the economic opportunities of underserved individuals through empower-

ment, education, and entrepreneurship for the betterment of the greater community."