My Duties:

     I perform as the point of contact between the nonprofit and the volunteers / service organizations that seek to make a difference in the lives of Texas prisoners through volunteer opportunities and events. While we operate only two days a week, I am available whenever needed.

     I act as an administrator for the nonprofit during public volunteer hours - Thursdays and Sundays - when I conduct orientations for new volunteers and groups, ensure the process goes smooth for each participant involved, and ultimately assure the quality of each and every package that gets sent to the inmates.

     I work with the nonprofit's Board of Directors and executive team to deliver hundreds packages to the United States Postal Service each month. I also attend monthly team meetings that discuss the financial portfolio, the goals, and the future of the nonprofit.

     I help the leadership committee and the fundraising committee establish fundraising events and art collaborations between the nonprofit and the community of Austin, Texas. Ultimately, I help the community understand our mission of providing reading, learning, and self-expression to prisoners.

-Austin Robinson

I got an internship!

Job Card designed by Austin Robinson

And I thought you might like to hear about it. I recently became the Volunteer Coordinator for Inside Books Project, the only nonprofit in the state of Texas given the opportunity to send free books and educational materials to the prisoners in the state. I coordinate individual volunteers and service organizations to come in and help us go through the hundreds of letters we receive from inmates, find materials to send them, write letters to accompany the materials, and prepare the units for shipping. I help the nonprofit maintain a volunteer base, while also recruiting new service organizations from the University of Texas at Austin to help us with our mission of providing invaluable educational opportunities to the prison population. With pursuing a degrees in Community Studies & Social Services - as well as a certificate in Nonprofit Management, - I feel like this career is a pretty good fit for me.

"To provide the right to quality reading and educational materials to Texas prisoners. To aid in reading, learning, and self-expression - invaluable opportunities, - which are often denied to this population."