My Duties:

     I manage the online content of the company - from the website to health informations - through the executive team to accurately portray the mission statement and products to a wider audience. I created the website and utilize Search Engine Optimization to provide more information to those in our community and beyond.

     I strategize with the Founder and CEO of the company to facilitate the online wholesale shipments of products weekly in order to provide consumers with quality organic food, health supplements, and an enjoyable product experience. I assure the quality of our consumer relations by heightening the ways we can reach the consumer.

     I take care of the twice-weekly shipments of products by updating our inventory and informing the loyal, consistent consumers of our stock supply. I fulfill orders across our consumer base, prepare our products for shelving, and note the quantities of certain products on inventory.

     I help the company's executive team understand new online technologies and ways to maintain relevancy within a growing market of online health companies. Ultimately, I act as the company's technology point of contact.

-Austin Robinson

I got a job!

Job Card designed by Austin Robinson

And I thought you might like to hear about it. I recently became the Website Builder and Content Manager for Honey Bee Health Foods, the only organic food and supplement store in Brown County, Texas. As a healthy food provider, Honey Bee improves the lives of those in our community by providing organic sustenance and supplements in order to empower individuals to lead better lives. I created and manage their website and online content in order to drive traffic to their store using Search Engine Optimization and information about healthy living. I conduct quality consumer relations while facilitating the online wholesale shipments to provide consumers with the products they want and need. Ultimately, I relay the mission across all parties. With a degree in Community Studies - as well as a certificate in Social Entrepreneurship, - I feel like this career is a pretty good fit for me.


"To improve the lives of people in our community by providing sustainable and meaningful values: providing healthy, organic food and empowering the community through information about local food systems."