My Duties:

     I perform as the point of contact for every university using our services and the GivePulse Executives to ensure client needs are being met, company goals are being accomplished, and that the relationship between the two allows us to achieve our mission of providing people with the tools to impact their community.

     I reach out to United States universities not currently on our client list to garner interest in the company's services and get them started on accomplishing their civic engagement efforts. I work within the mission of the company and the missions of the universities to bridge what they need and what we offer.

     I meet daily with the Founder and CEO of the company to discuss how to push GivePulse to achieving its full potential, both in internal responsibilities of all employees, and external expectations of our clients and volunteers.

     As GivePulse's inaugural intern, I provide invaluable feedback to the executive team to help them craft their internship program, oversee their employee base, and manage their client relations. I am helping ensure future interns have a valuable experience.

-Austin Robinson

I got an internship!

Job Card designed by Austin Robinson

And I thought you might like to hear about it. I recently became the Civic Engagement Coordinator for GivePulse, an Austin-based startup that provides volunteer opportunities for university students across the United States. Essentially, I coordinate civic engagement services for our clients, which consists of dozens of U.S. universities, service organizations, and private corporations. I help universities upload volunteer events for their students, connect individuals with service organizations in need of volunteers in their community, and work with corporations on their civic engagement efforts. My overall goal is simply to ensure that each and every individual is able to make an impact on their community and their world. With pursuing a degree in Community Studies and a certificate in Nonprofit Management, I feel like this career is a pretty good fit for me.

                    "To enable everyone to list, find, coordinate, and measure their impact in             the community. To encourage everyone in the world to participate and

engage in volunteerism to improve their communities and their world."