My Duties:

     I work with individuals with disabilities one-on-one for a variety of services within VR, from creating their professional documents to exploring career options with them to securing their job placement while helping the employer account for reasonable accommodations.    

     I manage a caseload of 20-30 clients from as south as Salem to as north as Clatskanie, as west as Forest Grove to as east as Estacada. That's a LOT of geographic area to cover. I see these clients about twice a month and write case notes regarding their government services.

     I supervise our employees that work in the Portland Metro Area - whether they be job developers, job coaches, or overall employment consultants like me. I understand their caseload of clients, review their case notes each month, and work with them to ensure our company is providing individuals with the best employment services out there.

     I market the abilities of individuals with IDD and the benefits of hiring them to companies, while also educating employers on ADA laws and what it means to provide reasonable accommodations to those who might work a bit differently than the rest of us.

-Austin Robinson

               "To improve the economic opportunities of individuals                  with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities

through job placement within the community."

I got a job!

Job Card designed by Austin Robinson

And I thought you might like to hear about it. I recently became a Program Manager / Employment Consultant with the State of Oregon's Vocational Rehabilitation Services - a joint program by the state's Department of Human Services and Office of Developmental Disability Services. Essentially, I help people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities find jobs within their communities so they can be further integrated into society. I work all over the northwest section of Oregon, constantly connecting with businesses and employers from several cities. My main duty is to work directly and extensively with our clients to ensure they become employable and find a job that will give them a lasting impact on their community. With a degree in Community Studies & Social Services - as well as in Social Entrepreneurship, - I feel like this career is a pretty good fit for me.