My Duties:

     I assure the quality of the company's entertainment services by conducting customer relations through building community relationships, facilitating reviews of the company through community members, and collaborating with the owners of the company on what services and products are wanted by our demographic.

     I create and distribute company content in the form of newsletters and website articles to our customers in order to inform them about events, specials, and updates. Likewise, I update the community on any changes or additions to the facility or our services / products.

     I ensure the healthy development of each child who walks through the company's doors by helping create new social activities and improve existing entertainment events with a team of people who want to better the lives of our youth and help our community flourish.

     I act as the primary contact of the company by bridging our youth-centric services and products to the beliefs and expectations of the customer. I maintain a loyal client base that depend on me to put their best interests first in order to help the company thrive.

-Austin Robinson

I got a job!

Job Card designed by Austin Robinson

And I thought you might like to hear about it. I recently became the Customer Relationship Manager for Early Game & Skate, a youth entertainment center in Brownwood, Texas that focuses on roller skating and video games. As a first class entertainment center, Early Game & Skate improves the lives of the youth in our community by providing fun social activities in a family-centered style. The company focuses on the healthy development of the next generation by creating a space where they can come together. I build and maintain the client base by acting as a bridge between the services we provide and what the customers want. I also conduct and collect surveys throughout the community to ensure each child has the best experience possible. Ultimately, I am the primary contact for the company in regard to customer relations. With a degree in Community Studies, I feel like this career is a pretty good fit for me.


"To provide a first class entertainment experience - through skating, gaming, and social activities - to the youth in our community. To conduct a family-centered business focused on healthy development."